Getting started with the electric imp


Part of an internal project i am currently working on at ubinow requires a device (Lamp) to have a wireless connection. I’ll post more details of the project at a later date, but for now i just want to use this blog as a way of documenting some my progress and findings.

I’m no electronic expert so starting out in this area was a little bit of a mine field. I looked at Arduino + wifi shield , Raspberry Pi + wifi dongle and also some bluetooth options. A lot of these options worked out quite expensive or required a greater knowledge of electronics than i currently have. Finally i came across the electric imp, which is a very cool little piece of hardware. Taken from their site this sums up what the electric imp does:

“The imp is a powerful, yet tiny, hardware module that works with the imp Cloud to provides seamless and customisable connectivity and device management. Our solution gives your customers the simplest WiFi setup using our patent-pending BlinkUp technology, and with connectivity you’ll be able to monitor the health and activity of your devices in the field and roll-out updates at anytime… and from anywhere.”

First impressions have been very positive, its very quick to get up and running and of course the first thing i did was hook up and led and get it blinking. Developing in the browser is a little tedious at times but i can live with that. Thorough documentation can be found over at their site to help you get started.

One of the parts of the project requires a notification to be sent to a phone when a user presses a physical button, so this is what i am working on next and will post some code + details in the next post.