HIWTHI (Home is where the heart is) is an wifi connected light used to display a family members distance from their home. The brightness of the light acts as a visual representation of a members position. The further away you are the dimmer the light, by placing your hand on the heart thoughts can be sent out reminding the family member of home.

How it works:

The light is constructed of a wooden frame with a perspex face, inside is a strip of led’s connected to an electric imp which acts as the brains connecting the light over wifi.

The light is connected to a users mobile device via an app which sends through location data at timed intervals. This data is then used to set the brightness of the light. The closer you are to home the brighter the light gets giving family members an indication of your location.

A proximity sensor sits inside the light so when someone places a hand on the heart a message is pushed out via a notification system to the mobile device. Currently famous quotes about ‘The Home’ are sent out, but future builds will allow more custom messaging.

View HIWTHI on vimeo